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Through industry experience, deep expertise and understanding of the wider global business perspective with its nuances and the South African political-economic environment – we help create long-term value and limitless future growth opportunities for clients.


South Africa’s Public sector comes under a significant amount of pressure in serving the nation. Ngubane provides independent, impartial advice to clients from state-owned entities as well as national, provincial and municipal levels.


The Education Sector is seen as one of the key drivers of growth, innovation and prosperity in national and global economies. Ngubane develops, maintains and supports a South African Education System for the 21st century.


Transport and Logistics contributes largely to the economy of South Africa. Ngubane focuses on the challenges and the opportunities within the Industry and provides business critical consulting.


The Mining & Resources Industry significantly contributes to the South African Economy. Ngubane understands that, and is the ideal thinking partner, providing in-depth consulting services that provide tangible results.


The Financial Services Industry is a highly competitive landscape that is dynamic and ever-changing. Increase your strategic and organisational agility by choosing Ngubane as your trusted advisor and thinking partner.


The Manufacturing and FMCG sector is affected by several fluctuating factors like developing markets and shifting consumer demand. We can help you turn these changes into opportunities for growth, with our critical business solutions – tailor made to meet your needs.


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