1. Managing Director
  2. GRC Directors and other directors within the company
  3. Ngubane staff members
  4. Clients and suppliers



The purpose of this position is to manager and lead GRC personnel in deliveing on client engagements and developing the GRC department and the firm.



The Senior Managers must always demonstrate the following minimum competencies as requried in terms of the IIA’s Internal Audit Competency Framework

  1. Demonstrates Professional Ethics
  2. Proficiency in Audit Management
  3. Proficiency of International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF)
  4. Proficiency of Governance, Risk and Control Processes
  5. Good Business Acumen
  6. Superior Communication with clients and team members
  7. Demonstrate Superior Persuation and Collaboration abilities
  8. Demonstrate Critical Thinking
  9. Superior Internal Audit Delivery
  10. Demonstrate Improvement and Innovation






  1. Upholds and promotes The IIA’s Code of Ethics
  2. Advocates the use of ethical principles and values to the activities being audited
  3. Adheres to the organization’s key
  4. policies, practices and procedures
  5. Speaks with authority on the organization’s key policies, practices and procedures
  6. Assesses and fosters the ethical climate of the board and management
  7. Treats other fairly without discrimination
  8. Maintains objectivity in appearance and fact
  9. Discusses significant ethical conflicts with the board and Director
  10. Investigates ethical issues and proposes measures for resolution
  11. Acts with due sensitivity where ethical principles are being abused.
  12. Takes account of the public interest when deciding upon a course of action
  13. Exercises due professional care



  1. Advocates the internal audit function and its value throughout the client business.
  2. Acts as a role model by exemplifying high performance for team members
  3. Analyzes own strengths and weaknesses to maximize personal contribution to the organization
  4. Anticipates and responds sensitively to staff problems, concerns and questions
  5. Articulates clear expectations and business goals and links these to organizational strategy and internal audit service offering.
  6. Sets clear performance standards for internal auditors and the internal audit function
  7. Strives for quality and excellence and encourages others to do the same
  8. Delegates tasks in a constructive and supportive fashion
  9. Takes personal accountability for results delivered in areas of responsibility
  10. Monitors staff performance and workload and provides constructive and timely feedback to help others achieve their goals.
  11. Coaches others to enhance their competence and professional development
  12. Develops and implements a plan for professional development for members of the internal audit function
  13. Continues professional development and utilizes relevant learning opportunities
  14. Provides opportunities and proactive input in the development and career needs of others
  15. Assesses self-development and career needs and takes advantage of new challenges as opportunities for personal and professional growth
  16. Maintains up-to-date competencies required for effective internal audit delivery
  17. Adjusts the internal audit team skill mix and diversity according to client’s evolving risk profile.
  18. Values and promotes diverse viewpoints and cultural sensitivity
  19. Applies a knowledge of human resource processes and leadership styles to supporting and directing others



  1. Maintains current knowledge of the IPPF.
  2. Leads the implementation of the IPPF in the internal audit function.
  3. Adopts a risk-based approach in accordance with The IPPF for annual audit plan, makes adjustments when needed.
  4. Ensures internal audit has access to all systems, processes and people within the client organisation.
  5. Exemplifies and monitors due professional care of the internal audit team
  6. Leads on the development, implementation and review of the internal audit charter and receives approval from the board
  7. Ensures the independence of the audit function
  8. Establishes and maintains a quality assurance and improvement program
  9. Discloses non-conformance with the Code of Ethics and ISPPIA to the Engagement Director, other directors and client management/board.



  1. Provide senior management and AC with leading practices in governance, risk and control.
  2. Contributes to the development of risk oriented culture within the client organizations and Ngubane & Co.
  3. Maintains a comprehensive insight into the organization’s current and emerging risk profile
  4. Monitors future risk changes to the organization based on political, economical, social, environmental, legal or technological factors and their potential impact
  5. Ensures internal audit activities are aligned with and enhances the organization’s enterprise risk management strategy and risk profile



  1. Maintains knowledge of the organization and its risks.
  2. Maintains industry specific knowledge appropriate to the organization.
  3. Assesses and takes account of macroeconomic and microeconomic factors and the impact on the organization
  4. Maintains a current understanding of the latest global developments and regulatory and legal framework within which the organization operates
  5. Assesses and takes account of the technical aspects of financial, managerial and cost accounting concepts, standards, systems and reporting processes appropriate to the organization
  6. Evaluates the quality control frameworks operated by the organization
  7. Takes account of cultural aspects of the organization
  8. Takes account of the mission, strategic objectives and business nature of the organization



  1. Secures the trust of others through positive use of communication
  2. Fosters open communication
  3. Demonstrates respect for others, and customizes messages to reflect the needs of the target audience
  4. Organizes and expresses ideas clearly and with confidence in order to influence others
  5. Extracts key information from a variety of sources to support communication
  6. Selects appropriate communication forms (verbal, non-verbal, visual, written) and media (face to face, electronic, paper-based)
  7. Employs the technical conventions of language (spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc) correctly
  8. Solicits feedback from audience to gauge the effectiveness of the communication
  9. Anticipates reactions to communication and plans responses in advance
  10. Discusses audit findings and their impacts professionally and confidently with appropriate levels of the organization
  11. Interprets and uses body language to reinforce communication
  12. Delivers information in a structured fashion to foster learning and development among members of the audience
  13. Applies appropriate communication skills in interviews




  1. Development of the internal annual audit plans.
  2. Performs ad hock audit
  3. Carry out quality assurance review of working papers and draft reports
  4. Responsible for project staff allocation.
  5. Conduct preaudit planning meetings.
  6. Planning and review of audit working papers prepared by audit staff before reports are finalised and timely clearing of review findings from the Director
  7. Review prepared audit files, issue review notes and confirm resolution of review notes before the reports are referred to the directors for finalisation.
  8. Prepare and present audit reports before audit committees.
  9. Ensure conformance with International Standards for the Professional Practices of Internal Audit and all other mandatory elements of the International Profesional Practices Framework
  10. Ensure timely billing of clients and clearing of WIP.
  11. Discuss the issuing of credit notes before approaching the finance manager for the issuing of same.
  12. General management and monitoring of project WIP.
  13. Office administration, Business Development and Maintaining Profitability for the office
  14. Approve leave for audit managers, assitant audit managers,supervisors,senior internal audtors internal auditors and trainees.
  15. Act as a link between the Internal Audit Director and the rest of the engagement team.
  16. Manage the execution of all engagements responsible for.
  17. Overall management of Audit Team, including Sharing and transfer of knowledge amongst colleagues and assisting GRC team members and the rest of Ngubane & Co. in resolving obstacles.
  18. Prepare and presents Internal Audit activity reports
  19. Consolidate performance reviews for submission to HR department.
  20. Liaise with Audit Director for finalization of audit budget.
  21. Planning and Management of audit meetings.
  22. Handle internal audit staff queries and / or escalate to director if necessary.
  23. Preparation of audit file containing audit evidence to support audit opinions
  24. Build relationships with clients and identify potential additional work opportunities at existing clients
  25. Able to train, coach and develop team members and provide support to other colleagues as required.
  26. Ensure client data is handled securely in accordance with the Firm’s and client’s data protection procedures
  27. Maintain liaison with clients to ensure completion of assignments is in line with planned timescales/budgets
  28. Maintains high professional standards of conduct and practice.
  29. Monitor staff productivity
  30. Identify potential clients for business development initiatives, including preparation or supervision of preparation of tenders.
  31. Alert colleagues and directors of all obstacles that hinder the audit process
  32. Render general administration responsibilities relating to Ngubane & Co and the Clients as delegated by the Director; and
  33. Participate in bi-weekly departmental meetings and prepare/review minutes of meetings.



  1. Honest, respectful and trustworthy
  2. Communication, report writing and presentation skills
  3. Good leadership, interpersonal and management skills
  4. Confident and excellent written and oral communication skills.
  5. Client liaison skills
  6. Admnistrative and time management skills



  1. Bachelor Degree and Honours in Internal Auditing or equivalent
  2. CIA/CA/ACCACertification
  3. 12 year audit experience



  1. Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)


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