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Our team provides an integrated and collaborative approach to delivering comprehensive solutions to its clients. We strive to produce results that effectively maximise value. Our pride lies in our team of experienced professionals with a diverse skill set and extensive experience



Enable your strategic business goals by managing your organizations’ financial ability to carry out its objectives by seeing your business’ entire financial picture with our Accounting and Financial Management solutions.

Our professionals are from a variety of multidisciplinary backgrounds, allowing us to deliver insightful, innovative solutions – no matter the challenge, no matter the need.

We can help you make decisions based on solid financial data that accurately reflect your business’ performance and gain greater control over your budgets, productivity and expenses. Achieve your ideal financial state today with our services in accounting and financial management:


  • Financial management capacity development
  • Audit qualification reversal services
  • Preparation of auditable financial statements
  • Audit process support services
  • Financial planning, forecasting, analysis and reviews
  • Preparation of operating budgets
  • Working capital management
  • Due diligence reviews and feasibility studies
  • Business registration
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Payroll processing and management
  • Account reconciliation services
  • Special purpose attestation services

At Ngubane, our focus is not on the transaction but on the results. We combine end-to-end solutions delivery that gives our clients access to the best technological solutions and talent available on the market.

We create comprehensive IT solutions with quality and reliable IT services helping your business grow. We can help you leverage modern technology and processes to solve your specific business challenges.


  • IT Governance
  • IT security
  • IT general and applications review
  • IT efficiency and effectiveness review
  • IT architecture management

We prioritise protecting our customers’ most valuable assets using a combination of proven approaches to ensure reliable results. Our clients deserve to know that their major systems are safe from the threat of cyber-attacks and potential business system disruptions. Let us help you stay abreast emerging threats that may impact your company reputation and  bottom line.

Our multidisciplinary team approach offers organisations the full range of expertise they require. We help organisations understand their exposure to the risk of financial crime by focusing on detection, investigation and prevention of fraud. Join the list of our clients who are protected and are able to manage risk within their organisations simply.


  • Fraud prevention planning and implementation
  • Fraud risk assessment and management
  • Fraud investigations
  • Forensic accounting and litigation support services
  • Professional and employment claims investigations
  • Compliance investigations
  • Corporate governance and integrity investigations
  • Special investigations
  • Money laundering and asset tracing investigations

This method of internalises and improves an organisations’ commitment to sustainable development and can be demonstrated to both internal and external stakeholders. Let us bring to light, the environmental care and social performance data of your organisation, with this key platform to communicate sustainability.

Minimise, monitor and control risks within your organisation. Ensure the sustainable use of all your resources. Partner with us and come to understand what may be standing between your organisation and achieving its goals.


  • Development and implementation of a risk management framework
  • Enterprise-wide risk management training and support
  • Risk Assessment services

Protect your investments. Manage the depreciation and disposal of your fixed assets. We incorporate standard and customised reporting and forecasting that allows for easy access and extraction of data. Track and monitor fixed assets or create policy and procedure. Your business challenge will receive a unique solution to completely meet your business’ every need. Collaborating with us will streamline your business processes.


  • Tracing and verification service
  • Management bureau service
  • Management software specification service
  • Management review
  • Management strategy formulation
  • Register reconciliation
  • Policy and procedures development Audit
  • Maintenance management

Our International Business Advisory Services, provide a research – driven solution to our clients. We formulate and deliver practical and workable solutions. These interventions are tailored to maximise our clients competitive advantage.


  • Strategy implementation tactics
  • Establishing strategic international alliances
  • Management of international donor-funded initiatives
  • Country studies
  • Cross-border feasibility studies

Optimising and simplifying your business processes may seem tedious, but its rewards are exponential. By partnering with us you can reduce risk, improve customer experience and increase revenue. We will assist you with simplifying your internal processes with sound research, and formulate development plans that make your business easier to manage.


  • Business process improvement
  • Development of policy and procedures manual
  • Operations Research
  • Research and development options

Your organisation needs the confidence to achieve the right project outcomes. This requires experts working on achieving a common goal. We will share expert opinion, assist and collaborate in the generation of valuations and analysis. Together we can ensure that you make informed, strategic business decisions that meet your organisations’ goals and give you peace of mind. Let us collaborate with you in bringing Projects and their intended vision to fruition. From support functions to design, every element will be created with your organisations’ success in mind.


  • Establishment and or management of a corporate Project Office
  • Development of a holistic project management competence
  • Project support services
  • Project management process design
  • Project audit services
  • Programme and project management
  • Project management strategy development
  • Project management software evaluation service
  • Project management mentoring service

Create an agile strategy for any part of your business to increase resilience against the shifting market dynamics. We help you articulate, define and unpack, your strategic requirements. Close the gap between current performance and your company goals. We engage closely to align your company behind these strategic pillars so that you can grow better. Let us be your thinking partner and trusted advisors.


  • Operational strategy
  • Financial management strategy
  • Transformational/BBBEE strategy
  • Corporate strategy
  • Technological strategy
  • Change management strategy
  • Strategy implementation tactics

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